A poignant musical about homelessness, I played the character of Charlie a homeless schizophrenic, directed by Barnaby Hallam. Arts Theatre, November 2017

Lady Townley & Old Bellair

Restoration comedy where I played the irascible Old Bellair directed by Alexandria Turner

The Gatehouse, March 2017

Comedy about infidelity where I played Martin the husband with a secret and directed by Jeremy Stockwell.

White Bear Theatre, November 2015


A farcical comedy written by Claire Franklin for the artist Allen Jones about a greedy millionaire who comes to realise that money doesn’t buy you everything, I played the greedy man Stafford. Directed by Bibe Lille-West and produced by Gary Hume and Georgie Hopton

Private Residence, April 2014 and later filmed for Royal Academy retrospective, Nov 2014


The classic novel by Mikhail Bulgakov where I played the unscrupulous Berlioz directed by Victor Sobchak.

The Lord Stanley, September 2013

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