I am an experienced interdisciplinary performer, an actor and musician who has worked extensively on stage, film and TV.

I have always been interested in performing, particularly in the theatre, I feel that as a medium for exploring social and political conflict theatre can have an emotional impact unlike any other. As an actor I have always strived to perform as truthfully as I can by listening and responding appropriately to what is going on around me, including that which doesn’t always seem to make sense, not too unlike the human condition. As a musician I am always thinking about the rhythmic nature of theatre and how this can be utilised in performance by developing an awareness of it. I enjoy working in collaboration and creating meaningful and affective work.

‘A simple tale, told at the right moment transforms a persons life with the order its pattern brings to incoherent energies.’



In the time that I have known Edmund Duff, I have found him to be a highly professional and insightive actor who can get to the truthful core of any role. On the occasions that I have recommended him to directors /producers, or collaberated with him on my own project’s he has always surpassed expectations, and proved himself to be totally reliable, and would always bring so much with him. He is a pleasure to have on set, and always delivers. I would recommend that if you are casting, and the role fits, then you should see Edmund.

Robert Goodman

Performances here are superb, from the soothing undertones of Tamang’s Lisa to the stifled agonies of Duff’s labour…

The Stage – Paul Vale

An astonishing performance from an astonishing cast, particularly Edmund Duff as Joe, the disintegration of the dying old man left me in bits.

Eleanor Mayhew



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